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Carrying the presence of Jesus, to the ends of the world. 

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Prophetess Tiny (pronounced as Tee Nee) is a passionate Jesus lover. Based in Ottawa, Canada she is the co-founder of Revive Nations (RN), alongside her husband Prophet Shyju Mathew. RN is a global ministry with the vision of raising end time revivalists. Together they founded and oversee Hisnearness churches around the world.

As a mother to nations, Prophetess Tiny’s life continues to impact the younger generation, women and children across the globe. 

The family

Prophets Tiny and Shyju, are blessed with little Ruth, the youngest, Moses and Kathryn.

The Passion

Prophetess Tiny is passionate about teaching the body of Christ and mentoring the young generation. Her teachings on intimacy, identity and the heart of God, has been a tremendous blessing to many.

The Heart

The pursuit of His presence has always been the central theme of her life. Filled with wisdom, and draped with humility, she’s a mother to many nations.

My greatest desire is to be so intimate with the Holy Spirit that I wake up feeling His presence, to know the heart beat of God, to love others, to walk blameless & faithful before God, to do all what God wants me to do & to live a life completely pleasing my Master.

Teaching  Videos

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Come. let us grow together in this Jesus journey!

Sermon Videos

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Let us grow together in this Jesus journey!

You will never be able make a difference in this generation, if you are afraid to be different. That even includes letting go off some people in your life.

Tiny Mathew

@tinysm, Twitter

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Emmanuel Church,

6550, Maurice Duplessis,

Montreal H1G 6K9


Sunday:  11am & 1:30pm
Wednesday: 7:30pm

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