Stop Living Like a Victim!

by | Mar 20, 2024 | Identity

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If you are reading this child of God, let me remind you: You are not called to live like a victim. You carry the light of God and your light shall shine bright.

Joseph in the Bible went through a lot of attacks, accusations and injustice, and that too first from his very own blood brothers. But he never lived like a victim. In fact he was an overcomer because of the vision that God had put inside of him. Joseph did not allow discouragement to defile his light. He kept shining. He knew that God believed in him, even if no one else did. And God kept promoting him. In fact every attack from the enemy, caused an elevation in his life.

Child of God, can you allow the voice of God in your life to be more superior to the voice of the enemy?

I remember when I was expecting with my youngest daughter Ruth, the doctor said that she is too small in size and also there seems to be a missing bone in her nose.

She recommended us to do further tests to confirm if my baby was healthy and to avoid chances of complications later.
I knew Ruth was a promised child and this report was not from my God. I remember taking this report to the Lord and asking Him to speak. And I heard the Lord say from the book of Psalm 34:20 in the version that I was reading, “Every missing bone…” (He keeps all his bones).

My baby Ruth is now 4 years old and has the most beautiful nose!

If I had allowed the words of the enemy to enter into my heart, I would have been consumed with fear. But I told the Lord, “I don’t care what the people around me say, what you say is all that matters!”

Rise up child of God, stop living like a victim. Allow the voice of God to reign over every situation in your life.

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