3 Keys to Overcome Past Traumas and Fears

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Encouraging


Recently I overheard my four year old sharing her dream with someone. She was saying: “Jesus told me not to be afraid, because He is with me. Even if nobody talks to me, He is with me. He told me to face my fears.”

I was like: Wow, from where did my little one get that!!

But indeed as a child of God, and, as a soldier in His army, sometimes that’s all we need to do: Face our fears. The manner in which God can promote you is when you overcome challenges, just like a soldier who gets promoted when he wins battles.

Here are 3 keys to overcoming trauma or fears in your life.


Face Your Fears

There are no shortcuts in the kingdom of God, but to face your fears and overcome them.

If Elijah, the mighty prophet of God would have learned to face his fears, instead of running away from the threats of Jezebel, he would have done greater exploits for God. But Elijah, until the time King Ahab died could not do any miracles because he allowed fear to weaken him. Jezebel wanted Elijah to quit and she accomplished in doing that to an extent. All because Elijah began listening to the voice of the enemy. Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t listen to the claims of the enemy. Don’t give him any credit. Find that one area where the enemy is constantly attacking you and weakening you, and face your fears in that area.


Renew Your Mind

Fears can be crippling. But you need to learn to snap out of these fearful mind sets and renew our minds on a daily basis. Remember, the Lord who took care of you thus far, will see you through.

As long as we are on this earth, the devil will always wage war against us. He waits for every chance to pull us down, but the Holy Spirit in us will cause us to grow beyond our problems.


Be Strong and Courageous

Traumas in your past will not matter anymore because it is the Lord who is with you and who backs you. No more will you be defined by what has happened in your past or who pulled you down. Only be strong and courageous just like God told Joshua.

I declare over you: You shall have great success. You shall rise above all your problems and fears. What issues others will struggle in, you will walk over them without any pain. Greatness is your portion. You shall walk in confidence and roar like a lion because the Lion of Judah is in the inside of you.

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