Recently I got to talk to an elderly woman who spent most of her time in prayer, but to my shock as I spoke to her, she had all sorts of fears, fear about her kids, life, future etc… The fear in her heart was causing her to confess negatively about everything. (You can watch the video[2min] or read this content as you prefer)

I began to wonder how a person who spends most of the time seeking the Lord be filled with so much fear. I realized that seeking God without trusting Him is equal to not believing Him. And that opens your heart to fear which is such a painful thing.

I myself have had ‘fears of my future’ too. Once as I was with my Love, Jesus, He told me something that changed my perspective. He said, “Tiny, trust me even with your future.” I am not saying that I have never had fears. Yes, this dirty demon of fear tries to creep in at times but the Holy Spirit immediately reminds me the words of my Heavenly Father & all my fears takes off.

My beloved friends, may be you are unmarried & it seems like you will never be married, may be its a job that you have been looking out for months, may be its about your backslidden kid or your health issue. Remember who holds your future & nothing in this world is impossible with God.

There is a scripture that has been a blessing to us: Isaiah 26:3,4 “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord God forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.”

Can you trust Him irrespective of how your situation is right now? Irrespective of whether you get an answer or not, just trust Him like a child trusts his father.

The Lord wants us to live a fear free life.

He is in control of your future. TRUST HIM BLINDLY!

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