Few years back I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Proclaim my Word.” Even though I wanted to be used by the Lord I never thought it would happen so soon. The day I got my first invitation, my immediate response was a big ‘NO!’ A week later after my husband travelled abroad to minister, during my quiet time I received the same invitation to preach to young girls. This time I thought I’d give it a try and agreed to the invitation expecting it to be a crowd of 50-100. It was only later I came to know that it would be around 2000 girls. It was such a shock and I was petrified. I could not even sleep well at nights due to tension.

While I was seeking the Lord, the Holy Spirit told me to trust in Him and that He would use me.
Yet, it was a time of turmoil in my spirit. I kept telling the Lord, “I don’t think I can”, “I can’t do this” And suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit say: “I know you cant do it, so I will do it, you just need to be available.”
Even though it did calm me for a while I still kept breaking my head. Finally I realized this was going no where, I decided, I need to let go & surrender to His call. It was an unexpected crowd but by now I knew God wanted me to do this. That thought strengthened me and brought immense peace as I approached the stage.  And so I did preach and God was faithful.

Preaching at the young girls retreat (NLAG)

After the meeting I realized how stupid I was to take so much tension. I allowed fear and doubt creep in me, which ended up in sleeplessness & unwanted stress.

I want to encourage anyone out there who feel they are not qualified. It is God who has chosen & appointed you, all you have to do is continue seeking & loving Him. When you let go and surrender to your call, God will do the rest.

I am sure there are many out there who feels they cant preach or do ministry. Do not think small of you. Your gender is not a problem in the eyes of your creator. I always thought I did not have public speaking skills and that I was too shy for it. I want you to know that all that God wants from us is our implicit obedience – the rest God will do for the glory of His name.