This is a guest post by my husband Shyju Mathew

Have you ever felt void? Did not feel like praying. Did not feel like reading the Bible. Did not worry about heaven or hell, angels or the devil, just plain void?

What do you do when there is such vacuum. Someone asked you, “what’s happening” and all you could say was, “nothing” and they probed to know if you were fine and there was no way you’d know that either. Just totally empty.

It seems like: You don’t have what you want and what you have, you don’t seem to now want and no matter what’s coming, it doesn’t seem to make sense at the moment.

You don’t know if you are depressed or upset and you don’t want to smile, you just want to be left alone.


Actually even when you tell your friends that you don’t know what is wrong but actually you know what it is but your heart and mind is so blur that you don’t want to put your finger on that reality – so you choose to say – “I don’t know.”

But the truth is that you know. You know what it is but you allow your heart to be like a tornado and mind like a raging water.

That, this and the other – all colliding your mind simultaneously and you don’t have it in you anymore to try and fix it. And at that moment, there’s that single tear that gently falls down your face and your heart is craving for a total fix that you cannot see.

Forgive me if I don’t seem like a solution to your vexed heart but I promise you that this advice will not be in vain.

First, go find that place you can be yourself. It’s important. Yes, it’s ok to cry. You don’t have to hide your emotion and act like a super-man. (Remember even superman had a kryptonite as his weakness)

In that solitude, pour out your heart to God. He heard the cry of the wretched in the past. From Moses to King David to Peter in the New Testament – all of them in their weakness cried out and they found mercy and grace.

So will you too.

It’s best to cry out before the living God, than to cry to a pillow or your bathroom mirror. It’s best to feel wretched at the feet of your Creator than to wind up drunk in a pub that no one cares.

At this point don’t feel guilty, condemned and succumb to sin. What you are going through may not be the best feeling ever – but remember “THIS TOO WILL PASS”!

God once looked at a guy named Gideon, he was feeling all defeated and yet God looked into His future and called him a mighty warrior.

Yes, dear friend. Today rest in God. Take it easy warrior, this post is God’s message for you! Oh yea, God still speaks and God still is with you!

Greater things are yet to come for you!

Be blessed.


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