I started this blog to share my heart, my personal experience & all what God teaches me for His glory. My new spiritual journey started after my wonderful encounter with Jesus in November 30th, 2005. The Lord appeared to me in a vision and I had the revelation of His love. From then on I have chosen to live the rest of my life loving & serving Jesus Christ my Lord! My greatest desire is to be so intimate with the Holy Spirit that I wake up feeling His presence, to know the heart beat of God, to love others, to walk blameless & faithful before God, to do all what God wants me to do & to live a life completely pleasing my Master. Man, I have a long way to go!

I got married to Shyju Mathew in April, 2010 & I am blessed to marry a man who loves Jesus and is sold out for Him. On March 03-2012, The Lord blessed us with a baby daughter, Kathryn Mathew. We also have another one who is on the way now 🙂

I travel mostly with my husband to serve the Lord. And while we are not traveling I love to spend time with the Lord, take care of little Kathryn, reading books, listening to gospel songs and trying my hand in cooking! We currently reside in Montreal, Canada and by the grace of God pastoring a church here in Montreal.

I usually write every once a month, but sometimes it takes even longer. To make sure you don’t miss my latest posts, you can subscribe via email (HERE) Hope you will be blessed & would love to hear your feed backs!

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